CARP Song Book


84. God and Freedom Song

by Joe Longo and Kevin Pickard

Am             Em Am Em
God made the earth in all of its beauty,
Dm       Am                       F
To be the place where His spirit could dwell.
Am          Em      Am        Em
But when we left Him alone in the Garden,
Dm        Am
Our selfish love turned this earth into hell.
Am         Em Am      Em
Lost in a wilderness, all men divided,
F            C         Dm        E
Differences seen and not what makes us one.
Am        Em         Am         Em
Brother enslaved by the fears of his brothers,
F            C           Dm         E7
Shackled in doubt but some faith pushed us on.
Am                     F          C
All of our lives we've been longing for freedom.
Dm        Am                    F
Freedom to be all that we're meant to be.
Am                      F          C
All of our lives we've been searching for Canaan.
Dm         Am                    F
Place where a man and his God can be free.
Dm         Am                    F
Place where a man and his God can be free.
Christ came to earth like a beacon in darkness;
Temple of light and a channel of love saying,
"Do ye now know that you all are His temples,
Meant to be perfect as your father above," But
Who understood Christ and who stood beside him?
And who in their pride and their fear turned away?
  Men of the laws and men of the scripture,
Still lost in darkness in the light of day.
The road has been long, the road has been trying.
We'll never stop until Thy kingdom come. May
Christ's light guide all men, keep all men from darkness.
Teach all men to be God's true daughters and sons.
Is this not the land created for freedom?
Is this not the land that my God gave to me?
This is the country we built with our Father,
A place where a man and his God should be free.

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