CARP Song Book


81. Glorious Eden

D                                A
Ding dong daeng dong, drops of rain fall gently to the soil.
G                     D
Surging waves of the mighty ocean pack the golden sands.
Em                    D
Floating in the sky the moon throws light across my path.
Flakes of snow in crystal pattern fall to hush the land.
D   G    D   G       D
Oh! Glorious Eden, garden of delight!
G        D      A      D
In the beauty of creation let us all rejoice!
From the tow'ring mountain ranges true men now emerge.
From the streams of clearest water come their faithful wives.
Cutting timber in the mountains they join to build a house.
Harvesting the ripen'd grain, they bake the loaves of bread.
For ten thousand years forever, our line shall go forth.
Sons of every generation soon will fill the earth.
Let us plow the field and sow it, laughing as we go.
We shall be a mighty people in a world of light.

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