CARP Song Book


77. For the Love of God

by Joshua Cotter

G        B7 Em         Am7 D7
For the love of God, we'll give everything;
We'll give You our hearts;
D        Em7
We'll give You our souls;
A7     D A7      D
We want to be Your very own.
From the love of God, your pain will be healed.
He'll dry up your tears; He'll chase away fears;
He'll set you free.
         C/D D
Can't you hear Him? He's calling to you.
         C/D D
Can't you feel Him, He's lonely too.
      Am7 Bm7                                     C
If you want Him, if you know Him, if you let Him,
C/D       G
He'll come shining through.
With the love of God, we'll see a new dawn,
True families, world harmony;
The love race is born.
(Repeat bridge and verse 3)
For the love of God, we'll give everything (Repeat three times)

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