CARP Song Book


74. Follow Father's Heart

We've got to sing a song together,
Laugh and love and pray together,
C         D
Dancing hand in hand.
The time is now to change direction,
Work through Father for perfection,
C         D
United man with man.
G             C
We are the ones that mankind is counting on,
G            C
We are the ones that God bestows His blessings on.
G              C
Love is our sword, we'll fight for heaven's glory,
G             C
Truth is our word, we'll make a brand new history,
G D    G
Follow His heart.
We've got to bring the world together,
Peace and joy will live forever,
Love throughout the land.
Our bodies strong, our spirits willing,
Righteous path for all fulfilling,
Brothers let us stand!
We march as one against the darkness,
Fists held high, His blessing marks us,
Faith will overcome.
His light shines strong, begone dark ages,
Wipe the stain from history's pages,
Forever shine the sun! The years will pass, we'll grow with wisdom,
Children's joy will fill the kingdom,
One world family.
And how we'll smile when we remember,
Our first dreams of peace forever,
And how it came to be! 

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