CARP Song Book


72. First Days

by Mark Ungar

E       A E         A
Just as surely as the tree putteth forth its leaf
E         A           B7
The days of all mankind were ones of grief.
E         A
In the East and in the West
E         A
People tried to do their best,
E A                  B7
The search for Life became an endless quest.
A E/G# F#min B7 E
But now the search is at an end
A E/G# F#min B7 E
We've found our long-lost friend
A   E/G# F#min B7 E
God has sent His Son again.
A E B7 A E
La la la la la la la la.
Well the moment of my birth was the moment of my death;
The devil claimed the right to my first breath.
My momma didn't know and my papa couldn't know
That misery'd befall the seed they sowed.
And these are the first days
There's no time left to run away
We've got a lot of bills to pay.
La la la...
As I was growing up I took pleasure in my friends
But in my heart I was not satisfied.
I searched for something more and as the day would end
I'd find my way back home and cry.
  And I'd lie awake at night
And knew that things weren't right
Only that someday I'd find the light.
La la la...
I grew tall in city air, finally moved away from there
And settled where the West meets the East.
And as I grew more to care about people everywhere
Something happened I expected least.
My heart was given peace
I fell upon my knees
I'd been invited to the wedding feast.
La la la...
Now as surely as the vine up the rock begins to climb
The Truth that God has sent will claim the earth.
And with His Son we'll bind, Heaven never will decline
And the cosmos will forever ring with mirth.
And these are the first days
The evil world will pass away
Let him hear the Truth who may
La la la... 

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