CARP Song Book


70. Father

G      C
Father, the wind blow'n over the mountain...
G     C
Father, creation abounding...
G      Bm     Em      (C)
These are things that speak to me softly
D             C
In the morning when I want to greet you,
G    C
Oh, Father, Father.
G       C
Brothers and sisters sharing together,
G      C
Growing in oneness forever G
    Bm Em      (C)
Learning how to care for each other
D C G                  C
In the ways of our Father, oh Father, Father.
D Bm Em                    A(7)
Did you ever find someone that you never knew?
F#m Bm Em                                       A(7)
When you thought you were alone, He was close to you.
Em             Bm Em          C D(7)
Well, we've found our Father, and a love that's true.
G       C
Father, our love grows stronger and stronger.
G       C
Father, your tears flow no longer.
G    Bm     Em      (C)
We will take your heart in our hands now,
D            C
So that everyone can know the joy
G    C   G
Of our Father, Father, Father.
G and C alt'~ Gmaj7 and Cmaj7. Bm alt--C 

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