CARP Song Book


69. Fare Thee Well Heavenly Soldiers

D         G
Fare thee well heavenly soldiers,
Bm    G      Bm
Carry high the new flag of our Lord.
D         G
Fare thee well, heavenly soldiers,
Bm       G        D
Sanctify all you have with His word.
G                 D
Though we part now, we know we will meet once again
A          D
When the battle is over and done;
G               D
For the One who was, is now, and will be the same
A                 D
Has proclaimed that the time has now come.
When we face the Accuser, we'll feel no shame
Our foundation is solid and strong,
For the Lord will protect us with His holy Name
And defend us with His brand new song.
Persecution and grief we will sure come to know
We can only respond with God's love;
For the pathway of sorrow we're destined to go
Is the path of our father above.
When the day becomes long and the way becomes dim
We will cling to His unchanging hand;
We can never, no never, prove faithless to Him
When it's for Him and with Him we stand.
And on that day when we stand united again
We will laugh and we'll cry with God's tears;
We'll proclaim His new world and His victory then,
And reign with Him for 10,000 years.

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