CARP Song Book


66. Eternal Spring

by David Rendel

Amaj7 C#min7
Fly like a bird
Dmaj7    E7 sus
Soar high in love.
Amaj7   C#min7
Reach for the sun,
Dmaj7   E7 sus4 E7
Open your heart.
Dmaj7 C#min7    Bmin7 E7 sus7 E7
Winter days have passed away,
Bbmaj7 Amin7      G
Eternal spring comes today.
The beauty of life,
Filling my soul.
Freeing my heart,
How my love grows.
The joy that I feel words cannot say,
Eternal spring comes today.
You've given me,
A love that is true.
Your hope is my dream,
I'll make it come true.
Heaven's champions,
We'll lead the way.
Eternal spring comes today.

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