CARP Song Book


63. Day of Victory

by Joshua Cotter

A        E
We've been praying for the day
That we can start anew;
D        F#7        Bm7
Now at last the day has come upon us all.
E   A         D/A     E/A
We will never give in; for we know we can win;
F      G        E7sus
And forever we'll stand true and tall.
We will follow in the footsteps
Of the righteous ones,
With our faith fulfill the hopes of ages past;
We will all pave the way for that glorious day;
We proclaim Father's Kingdom at last!
You who are longing to be free,
E/D                 C#m F#7
This is the day of victory for us all.
God's love is ringing through the land;
E7sus   E7           A7sus A7
Liberation is at hand, heed the call!
We are walking with our Father,
Heaven's champions.
Truth has conquered all the fear,
Our hearts are free.
We are brave, standing strong;
To the world we belong;
We are shaping our true destiny.

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