CARP Song Book


62. The Day of Hope

by Dan G. Fefferman

D    G     C        Am       D
The day of hope is dawning in the middle of the night.
G        C       D
The sons of earth are turning to the one and only light.
G     C     Am    Em
Out of the east it's coming, burning, beaming bright.
C D G D                         Em
And all of the children come running; Lord, what a wonderful sight!
D   G     D       G
The day of hope. The day of True Family.
C      D     G
Day of joy; Day of delight!
While mankind had been dreaming the truth shone bright and clear.
Though we were unsure he was living, the Lord was very near.
Into the world he's coming, to wipe away our tears,
And when in our hearts hope is living,
What shall we do with our fears?
(Chorus and repeat first verse)

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