CARP Song Book


60. Dance Of The Year

by Joshua Cotler

Am7 E7sus
Have you heard; are you listening?
 A Em
All around, children whispering.
 Dm7 Dm G7
Mother's heart, it is all aglow,
 C F/G Bm7
Smiling, because Father is near.
E7sus A E7sus
It's the dance of the year.
See the clouds, laced in pink and white,
Mother's gown, flowing soft and light.
Father rides on a shooting star,
Bringing a corsage of the Sun.
Now the dancc has begun.
    Am7 Bm7                               C#m7 Bm7
Whirling 'round the Milky Way, high and low,
                C Am7
And the shimmering starlight,
   Dm7 G7 C E7sus
Leaving a trail as they go.
    Am7 Bm7                               C#m7  Bm7
Dancing through the galaxy, there they go.
C Am7
All the children are singing,
Dm7      G7    C E7sus
Watching the heavenly show.
True love has opened up its gates.
Now it's time, we can celebrate!
Life begins as True Parents are dancing,
And the children join hands.
This is Heaven's romance!

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