CARP Song Book


59. Creation Song

by Sandra Lowen

C         Dm7 F      C
Clouds clothe the sky in white array;
F C Bb Dm G
Soft breathe the fragrant winds of May.
C         Dm7
Sweet grass that blows,
F       C
Green as the sea,
F C Dm7 G
Singing creation's song to me.
Bb         Gm C
White waves that roll onto the shore,
Bb       Gm Bb F G
Seagulls that chant a welcome;
C       Dm7 F         C
Sit where the wild bluebells have swayed,
C      F C G9 G C
And I will sing of life's great joy.
Sun on the sea, wind in my hair,
Flower's perfume to breathe and wear.
Sweet summer rains sweep through the sea,
Bringing creation's song to me.
One hand to cherish,
One hand to hold,
Footprints upon the mountain,
Moonbeams that dance over the sky,
Millions of stars to follow by.
Dawn strokes the hills mauve with her gaze,
Once fallow fields are gold with maize.
White-caps that dance onto the sea,
Bringing creation's song to me.
Child in the cradle, joy in the rain,
Footprints upon the mountain.
Lion and Lamb sleep on the hill,
Earth blends with heaven, men are free.

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