CARP Song Book


58. Come On In The Kitchen

by Dan G. Fefferman

G      Am C G Am C G Am C G Am C
A light has come upon the earth today,
G        Am C          G Am C G Am C
It's been a long time coming, now it's here to stay.
G Am C G       Am C G      Am C G etc.
The light is truth it's warmth is love, it drives the dark away,
G Am C        G Am C G Am      C G Am C
Oh can't you see my brother, dawn of the brand new day?
             G Am C Em
Hey, hey, come on in the kitchen,
             G Am C Em
Hey, hey, it's raining outside--
             G Am C Bm
Hey, hey, come on in the kitchen--
              C Bm Am                G C Bm Am G
In the home of His heart, you don't have to hide.
The food we have is called "vitality",
It's always flowing inside you with perfect harmony.
With love and truth,
And an atmosphere of spirituality,
The food we eat is used to grow,
And thus we make men free.
The clouds of joy whose lining brightly shines,
Are men who realize their purpose is divine.
Unfold this seed, and take thy food,
Oh brothers get in line.
All God's beauty, love and goodness,
Can be yours and mine.

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