CARP Song Book


56. Children of the Dawn

by Sylvia Norton

C        G      C     F C G C
In the days when the world was young and green, man knew God.
C        G      C     F    C G C
In the days when angels were still to be seen, man knew God.
F      G      Am Em C G C
A kingdom of peace, a garden of joy were to be.
C      G       E      G
Oh, where is the world that man knew then,
C      G C
The world that was to be?
This world now lives in the heart of God, filled with tears.
It must be brought to the hearts of all in our yours.
We are children of the dawn come to earth.
The evil past is dead and gone, We know our birth.
Oh, hear how your Father calls you to Him to make you free.
Each is like a long-lost limb; come heal your tree.
The times have changed, the time has come for all to know
A life of beauty, peace and love. Come, let us go!

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