CARP Song Book


52. The Bridegroom's Face

by Sandra Lowen

C                 Am
I heard a voice that called me to attend a wedding feast,
F             G        C
But only frowned and said I could not come.
C                    Am
I had no cloak to wear, no shoes to dance in on my feet,


F          G        C
I thought that I had better stay at home.
F                Am
But, Oh, the music that I heard a-seeping through the
Bridegroom's door;
F                   Am
The cymbal and the harp all join'd in praise.
The smell of new wine like on earth there's none,
Fresh venison and more;
F       G            Am
But most of all I saw the Bridegroom's face.
Almost embarrassed, still I crept up to the Bridegroom's door,
And ventured just to take a look inside.
But no one even glanced upon the garment that I wore,
Their eyes were fixed upon the groom and bride.
So many things they told me of a new and golden time,
So beautiful that tears came to my eyes.
But I refused to listen; I could work some other time.
Then someone said, 'Just try it on for size.'
Now, you must understand that all my life I had been blind,
With all the world I struggled in the pit.
And now they brought a garment that restored
Man flesh and mind;
I knew they weren't mistaken when it fit.
This is no fable, friend, the time of feasting is at hand;
And even now they play outside your door.
If you have eyes to see or ears to hear, you'll let them in;
And you will share that feast forever more.
Final Chorus:
And when the tambourines are playing all will sing
A brand new song;
The ploughshare evil's weapon will replace.
All clad in white, each man will raise his heel
And crush the head of wrong;
But most of all, we'll see the Bridegroom's face!

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