CARP Song Book


48. Arirang

A    D    A E
Arirang arirang arario
A    D          G7     A
We are crossing over the crest of the hill
A      D         E7
Let us sing together with a new heart
A        D       E7     A
We will see the dawn of the great new day!
Arirang arirang arario
Arirang ko-ge-ro no-mo-gan-da.
Se ha-nul se-dang ir uo jon ne
Se-no-re pu ru myo whadong ha-se!
Arirang arirang arario
Arirang ko ge ro no-mo-gan-da.
Na-rul po-ri-go ka si nun-ni-mun
Shim ni do mot-ka-so
Pal pyong nan-da.

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