CARP Song Book


39. Light of Grace

Bb          Eb
O, Light of Grace, shining above,
Bb                F
Lighting my dim shadowed way,
O, Light of Grace, easing my pain,
B             F7   Bb
You have shown that God is love.
Gm    F Bb     Eb F7 Bb
I'll give my life, and my love, unto the one God of love.
Though clouds may come, hiding His face,
Hiding the smile of my God,
Though clouds may come,
Still He is there,
Shining brightly, Cod is love.
Amid the storm, tossed on the sea,
Beacon of hope, guiding me.
Amid the storm, shelter is near,
Trust in Him for God is love.
All things decay, passing away,
Only the light shall remain;
All things decay; still there is One,
True and faithful, God is love.

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