CARP Song Book


37. Song of the Banquet

Bb                    Eb    Cm    F 7 Bb
Pure new life that once was sown within the garden's fertile soil,
D Gm       C     7 F6 Bb C 7 F
Sprouting seed has now become a blossom of heavenly loveliness.
Bb Gm Cm7 F7 Bb      C 7 F 7
Father above, Lord of all, shower your blessing upon
Bb F Bb Eb Cm F    F7
This holy day, bond of love forever more!
Bb Eb D Gm Cm7 F7    Bb
Hallelujah, Glorious Day of Joy!
Fairest flowers of the meadow, tender buds of perfect form.
Now receive the gift of life and dance in the joy of eternal spring
Heavenly host, men on earth, join us in praising this day;
Bless us to share, love's communion faithfully,
Hallelujah, Glorious Day of Joy!
Hushed we stand in awe before you, ready now to give our pledge,
To attend and serve completely with an unchanging eternal love.
Glorious King, mighty God, fill with your blessed grace,
This dearest one; holy banquet of our love.
Hallelujah, Glorious Day of Joy!
Overflowing with your love as dawn proclaims eternal life,
Earth and heaven come surround the glorious Parents of mankind,
Gather around, sing the song, fragrant the love of the Lord;
Tell all the world, Spring has come eternally!
Hallelujah, Glorious Day of Joy!

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