CARP Song Book


36. Day of Glory

E        F#m     B7     G#6 c#m B7    E
Through silent darkness comes, His constant clearest voice.
E c#m B      E B F#m     B
His words of truth and life wake us up from sleep.
E 6 A C#6 F#m    B7
Glory, O Glory, O Glorious Lord,
E 6   A C#    F#m       B
Welcome, O Welcome, O Welcome Him now,
     B7 E
Giving all you have and join with our Lord,
            F#m B7 E
One with our God, Sharing love and beauty evermore.
                c#m F#m B7                           E
For now the day all men desire Day of celebration is at hand!
Sunrise and morning comes, we rise up in its light,
Spread forth the word of good, giving all your strength.
All holy children come, new days have dawned at last,
March forward one and all, quickly now unite.

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