CARP Song Book


32. My Cross

G C       G    Em    Am7 D7
Who can I go to for my help to bear my heavy cross?
G     C      G       Am D 7 G
Has not the Lord been helping me before I ever knew?
Am D7 G    D G     D D7     G
Because I had no strength to bear the load He gave to me,
C     G C G D G
Six thousand yeas of blood was shed, the thorny path prolonged.
G    C    G      Em    Am7 D
I will shoulder now the cross, and pledge I shall endure;
G         C      G6    D7 G
Far beyond Golgotha's pain, now hear the victory.
The Lord would never give to me a cross I could not bear.
If I give all the strength I have I shall achieve the goal.
I sacrifice to do His will, no trial I cannot bear.
I give my life to go this way, no one can turn me back.
Our Father always persevered to see His will be done,
If all His children join the task it soon will be achieved.
If not, the lonely years of strife will all have been in vain.
No matter what, in fighting on, we'll win eternal joy.

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