CARP Song Book


29. Shining Fatherland

Bm                    Em        Bm
Sunlight beaming forth in the East, from the Fatherland;
G D          Em        D
Bringing tidings of a new world to families in the field.
Em         Bm        F#m    Em7 F#7 A7
Let us hasten to send the news all throughout the world,
D     G A       Bm    Em        D
Eden's glory spreading forever the hope of joy and peace.
G    D            F#m Em F#m A7
Dawn, golden dawn, throughout the shining Fatherland,
D     G    A Bm Em         D
Tells the tidings of the rising sun that brings us life.
Harvest quickly men of the fields, hasten to harvest now;
Crops are ripened and ready to bring into the heavenly barn.
Saints and angels and heavenly hosts gather to speed the task;
All will share the harvest of joy at the banquet of our Lord.
When the woes of six thousand years are gone from the Father's heart,
Sons and daughters shall live with great joy, our True Parents' own
Saints and sages and men of good faith all waited for this day;
Loyal men of hope and fidelity yearned to see this day.

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