CARP Song Book


28. Song of the Garden

   E Cm
The Lord into His garden comes;
The spices yield a rich perfume;
Bb7 Cm Eb                            Bb7       Eb
The lilies grow and thrive, the lilies grow and thrive.
Eb7 Ab
Refreshing showers of grace divine,
      E Fm
From the Father flow to every vine,
Bb7 Eb Cm Eb6                             Bb7  E
And make the dead revive, and make the dead revive.
Oh that this dry and barren ground
In springs of water may abound;
A fruitful soil become, a fruitful soil become.
The desert blossoms as the rose,
When the Saviour conquers all his foes,
And makes His people one, and makes His people one.
Come brethren you that love the Lord,
And taste the sweetness of His word;
In Father's ways go on, in Father's ways go on,
Our trouble and our trials here,
Will only make us richer there,
When we arrive at home, when we arrive at home.

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