CARP Song Book


26. Pledge

Eb              Ab Eb
My fallen figure shames the earth;
Ab    Bb 7 Eb
Once I was born, yet never I lived,
Ab   Gm      Cm
Never forsaking, You came to me
Fm    Eb     Ab       Eb
Giving my life and breaking my chains
Cm       Gm
Tenderly You gathered me up;
Cm           Bb
Filled with love and sweating blood,
Cm          Gm
Ever patient, You taught me the word,
Eb       Fm    Bb   Bb7 Bb7
Carved in my heart, it forever remains.
Never I knew what life should be;
All I can do is follow your way.
When on the path, I stumble and fall,
Turning, You give the courage I need.
Though the path is narrow and steep;
Cruel thorns leave a trail of blood.
Still I pledge I will follow the way,
Follow as far as my Father will lead.
Freed from a sleep so deep and dark,
gladly I wake to knowing your will.
Though death may stab me time and again,
Nothing can change a loyal heart.
This I pledge, my life is for You;
For Your will I rush forward to die.
This I pledge till the struggle is done,
'Till we proclaim the victorious day.

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