CARP Song Book


22. New Life

G        D7      G
Where are His children who answered the call
C      G    C#dim7   D D7
Of the archangel sounding afar?
G      D7      C
People who trembled as lightning flashed,
C      G       6      G
Blazing the sky from the East to the West,
Dark is the sun, dim is the moon,
D 7 G
Thousands of stars falling to darkness;
Where are the ones blessed with new life,
Am      G6 D7 G
Liberated from the dead?
Now we behold a new heaven and earth,
Holy Jerusalem, standing anew;
After our search of six thousand years,
Eden rejoices to welcome us home.
All of our tears, wipe them away;
Sorrowful sighs, we will not need them;
Where is my Lord, He who returns?
Where is Heaven's glorious One?
Once He departed by way of the cross,
Now He returns and He suffers again;
One way is given to me our Lord;
Follow the path to the bottom of hell.
Glorious star, Lebanon's light,
Shining on all, lighting the ages;
There is the great city of God,
Where the sun arises and shines.
Come in rejoicing and look to the light,
See how the darkness is rolling away;
Out of the few come a multitude;
Joyfully building the city of God.
Children of life stream thru the gates,
Close to His heart, singing to please Him;
Raising the white cross to the sky,
Praising our eternal new life. 

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