CARP Song Book


21. Suffering

So many saints have journeyed this road;
Em     G6       D7
No one could make the pathway complete;
G   B7   Em   C G
Now at last He opens the way,
C D     D7 G
Calls us to come, waits for us all;
 G7 C
All the host of men and angels
D7        G
Failed to do the will of Heaven;
Now the Lord is still awaiting,
Am         G6   D6 G
You alone must answer His call.
Glory concealed, He suffers again,
Wrongly accused of lowliest crimes,
Though His path is thorny and long
Still I must go, follow my Lord;
In His presence Eden blossoms,
So a dungeon may be Eden;
Just to be with my beloved,
I'd endure all torture and pain.
I give my pledge to go with my Lord,
I too shall walk the way He has gone;
Though I meet the shadow of death,
He is my life, I am His own;
Strong desire swells within me,
Leading me to go be with Him;
In my heart such strong desire,
Not a one can stand in my way.
Shameless disgrace! You tie Him in chains
Scorning my Lord, you lead Him away;
  Words and pictures witness your sin;
All men shall, judgment shall fall;
Blind officials ridicule Him,
Still the high priests; mock the Saviour;
Do you mean to force upon us
Tragedy and suffering again?

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