CARP Song Book


19. Song of Victory

F       C7
Sing Hosannas evermore!
F Fb7 Bb
Sing of glory evermore!
F6    (A) Dm
For the Lord has come again,
Bb    F6   C7 F
Sing Hosannas evermore!
Heaven dances at the sound,
All His angels whirl around.
All creation joining in,
Dances at the joyful sound.
See the new Jerusalem,
Coming now upon the earth.
For the day is here at last,
Now the Lord is come at last.
Brightly burn O Fire of Faith!
Burn so brightly everywhere.
Light of hope, burn today,
Kindling every faithful heart.
Land of Egypt, land of woe,
Waiting for the Lord's return.
Soon the day will come at last,
When the Rose of Sharon blooms.
March along, march along,
Have no fear, but march along;
For you go to victory,
Heaven's soldiers, march along.
Praise the Lord, O praise the Lord!
Praise the glorious Lord of all,
To the Lord of truth and love,
Sing to Him eternal praise.
Sing Hosannas evermore!
Sing of glory evermore!
For the Lord has come again,
Sing Hosannas evermore!

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