CARP Song Book


18. Light in the East

C                  F             G
Light that drives out the darkness is shining brightly from the East.
C      E7      F         C6   G G7 C
Sons and daughters of light are dwelling in the Garden there.
F     C        D 7 G
This is God's land of righteousness, chosen by Him to do His will;
C             F    C Am      D D7 G G7
These are God's people, chosen ones, upright in mind and heart.
C   E7        F       Am         Em G7
As we now receive the love of God, our boundless source of ]light,
C E7    F         C     F6 Dm6 G G7
Come, let's join together and in brightness we shall live;
C E7        F       c6   G7      C
We'll shine like the brightest star to all of heaven and earth!
Good that wins over evil is now uniting in the East.
People longing for good are dwelling in the garden there.
Country of prayer and holy life, honoring God eternally;
People who wear the robe of white, sacrificing for the Lord;
Love that ends all the hatred is now to blossom in the East.
Men refusing to sin are dwelling in the garden there.
Ridiculed and rejected land, separates good from sinfulness;
People who know the thorny path knowing God's wondrous love;
Greatest victory eternal is now beginning in the East.
Those who crush evil ways are dwelling in the garden there.
Country divided North and South truly knows good from sinfulness;
People who shed their precious blood, given for the sins of men;
Brilliant glory of Heaven now comes in power from the East.
Those who carry the cross, are dwelling the garden there.
Country where soon the Sun will rise, welcoming soon the Son of Man;
There the bright Rose of Sharon blooms,
beautiful garden of God;

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