CARP Song Book


14. The Principle Youth March

D                     G D Bm    A7
We are the youth, soldiers of the truth, called by our God on high;
Bm         Em       D     G      A7 D
Now is the time, march to the world, sounding the battle cry!
Bm    F#m Bm     F#m Bm    F# Bm      A7
Too long the dark night of sin held in fear the people of the world,
Bm    A G D      Bm7 D6       A7 D
We'll drive the darkness away, bringing in the new day.
Em     D   G D   G A7
Lift high! Lift high! The banner of Truth on high;
Bm A G D      Bm7 D6      A7 D
March forward crossing the sea, to the ends of the earth.
Heaven and earth all are made anew, blessed by the light of God;
Evil and sin vanish away, burned in the holy fire.
This is the land of the heart, every people living as one,
Glad voices filling the land, sing a joyful song.
Proud is my heart bursting with my hope, we are the youth of God;
See how we go moving as one, marching at His command.
Five colors shine in the ranks, every people, every race of man.
We'll shake the heavens and earth, with our victory song.

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