CARP Song Book



10. My Offering

Now I have to come to know, I've truly come to know,
Ab Bb      Eb
Father, how your heart is filled with tears,
Eb Bh Eb
For your altar stands and waits for an offering never made.
Ab           Eb Ab Bb        Eb
He cries through all the ages for still no offering comes,
Our Father cries in loneliness for He cannot share His heart.
Now I have come to know, I've truly come to know,
Father, now I know your blessed grace;
For you raised me from the darkness and gave to me new life.
I live and stand before you, but now you cry again.
My Father has to say to me,
"Go and die now in my place."
Now pledging I will go, determined I will go,
Father, now I'm changing to Your way,
For no other will I follow, but go my Father's way
Upon Your waiting altar I kneel without a word.
My life shall be the sacrifice;
I will faithfully obey.

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