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Taking sides on Chung Pyung is a bit like taking sides on household appliances: i.e., electric screwdriver, dishwasher, garbage disposal to name some common ones. Chung Pyung is a tool that is given to us, for our use, should we desire to. Like an electric screwdriver or dishwasher it is nice to have, but at a price. If used correctly it will help you by speeding up and simplifying necessary activities. There are many who manage without these. To me they are very useful and I am grateful for those that brought them into existence and the opportunity to have them. My kids, and myself, still dislike doing the dishes, even with a dishwasher. When ours recently broke down, *everybody* wanted a new one, though.

Likewise, Chung Pyung was created and is bought at an expense. Not only in terms of money, but also time, effort and commitment. I went and I am grateful for it's existence and the opportunity. Going to Chung Pyung does not guarantee anything. It all depends on what you do with it. Even though we cannot see a change in someone who has gone, they *may* have had an experience that helps them to get through their daily lives and their difficulties.

Dae Mo Nim, at one point, requested that Father push the membership much more to go to Chung Pyung and to stay for 120 days. Father's response was that restoration takes very long time. In the Grand Scheme of things going to Chung Pyung may be like purchasing an electric screwdriver to build one's own house.

I had several important revelations and some deep, deep repentful prayers at Chung Pyung. I was, also, very grateful when it was over. After having returned home to my home almost one year later I *still* need to clean up my office more than and *still* need to loose weight among other things.

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