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Spirits at Chung Pyung Lake

Reading so many stories and opinions about Chung Pyung Lake, I thought to write some things down that crossed my mind.

Many years ago I read the book of Emmanuel Swedenborg "Heaven and Hell'. Also read many of his other works. (I have his books here and still read them, some many times). Therefore much of Dr. Lee's book about spirit world wasn't new to me. Swedenborg explains about certain things even much more in detail, like: what happens after you die, how you end up in the spiritual realm where you belong, what happens with babies when they die etc. Now in his works he mentions that each human being on earth has many spirit man attached to him/her, surrounding the person and lining up behind him, as many as hundreds. So it wasn't new to me when I heard about spirits being with us.

Some years ago Jesus visited us here in Europe (through Faith Jones and others). On one occasion he said: "All day you are thinking many thoughts, but not all thoughts are from yourself. Per minute there are 20 to 30 thoughts coming to you from spirit men around you." This really hit me! And I was very upset. Being a person that always thinks, even sometimes can't fall asleep for hours, because so many thoughts are coming to me, I felt "they should leave me alone'. It was also a time in my life, that I was upset with many things happening in the church, so also many of my thoughts bothered me.

Then in my prayer I put Jesus words at test, and prayed: " I don't want to get any thoughts from spirit men. Please let me experience that. Please." I prayed this for a few days very deeply. It did happen. About 5 minutes it "cleared up" around me. It is difficult to describe; it was quiet, so quiet, so peaceful, so loving, blue sky and warm sunshine feeling. It seemed longer than 5 min., but it was only 5 min. This experience influenced me after that very positively. Many times I say to "them'; leave me alone, I know you mean well, but leave me alone. I work it out myself."

When I first read about Chung Pyung Lake, I had mixed feelings. Thousands of spirits like ant eggs inside me? It's not fair! Did I wish I could go there! But of course, it were the leaders again who could go first. Would it ever be possible for just me to go there? I was very upset about this point. All these beautiful stories, and who cared about me. Who cared about my country. Geeh, did I cry a lot about these points. But it faded away, life continued. There were no members around with whom I could discus all these things, they either didn't know, were indifferent, or couldn't relate to the things I felt. My husband was the only one who patiently listened to all I had to tell.

Then on march 6, 1997, my father in law called me to his bedside. He was 89, and dying. He held my hand and said: I'm very sorry, that I never investigated what believe, that I always rejected you. I'm so sorry, can you please forgive me." This was a very emotional moment for me. Of course I forgave him.

The next day, March 7, he died in the evening, around 11:15. We were there. Shortly after he died (about 10 min) I touched softly his hands, and I felt as if something was coming inside me. Minutes after that I felt sick, so sick, as I have never felt before. We all sat around the table to discuss the funeral; I went back and forth to the kitchen to make coffee for everybody, and I felt so sick, but didn't tell anybody. We were all drinking coffee and all off the sudden, in the kitchen, the coffeepot exploded. We looked at each other and joked: that's the spirit world. The meeting continued. Late at night (early morning) we went home. I still felt sick, so sick. Three days busy, busy, kept going, but still sick. Then after the funeral I told someone that father was with me. I was pretty sure by then, could feel him, hear him, and not only him, but many. I did stay with two feet on the ground, and had everything under control, still very, very sick. Headache, coughing, running nose, stomach pain, diarrhea.

I had not thought about Chung Pyung Lake anymore for some months, but now I couldn't think of anything else. I'm going to Chung Pyung Lake now, I must go to Chung Pyung Lake, I was pushed to Chung Pyung Lake. But no money, how about the children, what to tell my relatives, especial my mother in law, who needed help and attention. Everything worked out very quickly, and I found myself at the gate of Chung Pyung Lake on March 25. March 28, a 10 day workshop started.

Now hear this: the moment I walked through the gate , I didn't feel sick anymore. Almost everybody in Chung Pyung Lake was sick or got sick while I was there. Maybe bad hygiene, too crowded etc. very well possible. But I wasn't sick anymore and didn't get sick there (even though I fasted for a day). I had a great time at Chung Pyung Lake, looked around and saw a lot, listened to Dae Mo Nim and talked with brothers and sisters, reflected a lot and learned a lot.

One thing I know for sure is that my father in-law waved "aurevoir" to me at Chung Pyung Lake. Isn't that wonderful!

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