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I think the Chung Pyung Lake discussions are missing an important dimension. The discussions revolve around the costs and benefits to the individual or family that participates. The bigger dimension is that participants become part of a process to restore people in the spiritual world. If an individual went and didn't appear to be transformed a few months down road, but - without even being aware of it - sent thousands of people off to a workshop in spirit world who showed up at the blessing, would the trip have been worth the price? Even if the price included illness and, in very rare instances, death?

I went shortly after being involved in a series of WFWP bridge ceremonies. I gave the introductory presentation on God's Providence in America to the Japanese sisters. My wife and daughters each got "sisters", and I got a "brother". Through the weeks and months that the ceremonies were conducted, the spiritual atmosphere around me got very heavy and intense. I was feeling suicidal, like a heavy weight was on my chest all the time. My business was also struggling, it was as if there was a ceiling I couldn't penetrate. My political foundation also fell apart. I even ended up being the primary witness that landed the president of an organization I co-created in jail.

Then Father called a leaders' meeting and explained about how the spirit world had descended and we may have been experiencing a rough time. He introduced the Chung Pyung providence and said we needed to go to liberate the dark spirits that were out to kill us. I didn't see how I could get the money and the initiative together to do it, but my wife was absolutely determined that we go. She went for forty days, my daughter and I went for 10. I came back feeling liberated and had the best week I ever had in the business upon my return. Around the time Father said the spirits we brought over would be blessed and finished a workshop in spirit world, the ALCs were initiated and I rebuilt a political foundation I could not have imagined possible a year before. Since then, I've been able to form alliances with Christian activists that wouldn't give me the time of day in the past.

The purpose of Chung Pyung Lake is to solve the problem of inherited and collective sin. That means that screwed up relationships among very real people who still exist in the spirit world have to be worked out. Once that happens, they come back and help us instead of dragging us down. That creates an atmosphere where it is easier to work on our personal issues, and it's easier to be successful in providential activities. For the first time since I can remember, I don't have this expectation that everything I'm working on is about to be crushed.

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