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Pilgrimage - Chung Pyung Lake

I traveled to Korea with two other members. One brother and one sister. The three of us were very different. They both went, because they also had some physical illness and hoped to be cured. I had no physical problem. I went to Chung Pyung Lake, because I wanted as many ancestors (and others) as possible to be able to go to a better place in spirit world, to attend the 100 day workshop, and to be blessed. I knew many of them were coming with me, and I felt my father in-law, who had just died.

For me going to Chung Pyung Lake was an pilgrimage, a religious experience, meeting Heavenly Father and being surrounded by angels. I found it fascinating and tried to get the most out of it. So I didn't want anybody to intervene with that. Chung Pyung Lake was my experience and I decided what to do and what not to do.

I think the way someone experiences Chung Pyung Lake, has a lot to do with personality, past experiences and one's expectation. As for the external side of it, I had no problems with that. I knew it wouldn't be a four star hotel, so I took comfortable and few clothes, sleeping bag, toothbrush etc., some aspirins and vitamin C (ended up giving it away to the 'sick and poor'). I didn't have to cook, clean, etc. in that sense it was like a vacation (I think some sisters can understand this point very well). So, it was only natural for me to feel thankful towards the staff, and really enjoy that aspect of the 10 days.

Climbing the mountain, I found great. We don't have mountains in where I come from, all flat over here. On the top, I forgot many times to pray, just enjoyed the view. The first few times I climbed up, I was exhausted. Then an Austrian sister explained to me, to just go up very, very slowly, step by step, and to bend forwards. It worked, I didn't get exhausted, and many times I was on top before all the ones who had passed me on the way up.

Listening to Dae Mo Nim, I learned a lot, that I didn't know before. When she explained about not fulfilling our responsibility I could only say 'You are right'. I know that others felt guilty when they heard it, but I didn't. Some of you can explain so much about the guilt feeling, I can just say, 'I didn't feel that.' I can only say that I could understand everything she explained about the spirit world and about the situation on earth at this time in history. At some point she started to explain about something that happens when someone dies. During life on earth there are many spirits with us, who are the enemies of our ancestors. Our ancestors treated them wrong and they want to take revenge on the descendants. Now when one dies, these spirit men grab the just passed away person, and demand him/her to tell them whom they love most. No way you can cheat on them. Then they immediately go to that person. Not all off them are allowed to cling to this new person (for various reasons) and then they go somewhere else, causing an accident for example.

After hearing this explanation, I could understand clearly what had happened to me when my father in-law died. The spirits that for some reason couldn't stay with me, made the coffeepot explode. I think my father in-law was smart enough, or told by an angel to stick with me, and be liberated together with all the spirit men that went from him to me. I set down on the top of the mountain and thought about it a long time, and it all fell into place. I really had to laugh about the coffeepot though.

When Dae Mo Nim explained about Jesus' angels being there at Chung Pyung Lake, I was so moved. I could deeply feel the love these angels have for Jesus, and the love Jesus has for these angels. It must really have been a sacrifice on their part to come and help us at Chung Pyung Lake. They were with Jesus when he lived on earth, they helped him, and stayed together with him for the past 2000 years. Now for the first time they were asked by Jesus to go and help at Chung Pyung Lake. I prayed and thought about this point a lot, and had a profound experience of feeling much love towards them and Jesus.

Did I see angels? One time, in a split second. I saw an angel behind the person in front of me during a clapping session, and couldn't help saying 'wauw', and right away it was gone. Probably scared away by my reaction. But I listened to some members who told me that they had seen angels, and I looked in their shining eyes and that was also a wonderful experience.

At the second day of the 10 day workshop I kept thinking about dying myself. I felt so much pain, especially about leaving my 10 year old son behind. These thoughts and feelings kept coming back, and I went up the mountain and prayed and thought about it. Then it crossed my mind that my grandmother had died when my father was 10 years old. I knew that she was with me. I cried and cried, and went through all the feelings she had about leaving her 10 year old behind. It was so painful. I wanted to pray for her, but I couldn't pray as I usually pray. Then I understood from spirit world to pray the catholic prayer 'Hail Mary' and the Lords Prayer. I have prayed it hundreds, maybe thousands times, during my stay at Chung Pyung Lake. I couldn't pray anything else. I felt like a Catholic nun, or monk. Many of my ancestors crossed my mind, some I knew, most I didn't know. But they were all Catholic, that's for sure. One after the other went away to a better place. It was a deep experience.

Many more things happened, to much to tell now. For me Chung Pyung Lake was a holy place, I have felt that very deeply. Did I change? Yes, I changed a lot. People who see me might not notice it. My faith became stronger, I understand relationships between people more deeply, my relationship with Heavenly Father became deeper and whenever I think about my time at Chung Pyung Lake, the same good feelings come back. It's all in my memory and heart and I can go there anytime and feel it again.

I'm glad to share some of my testimony with you. I think it is good for everybody to remember the good things Heavenly Father gave us during our life. I'm counting my blessings.

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