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Indemnity - Chung Pyung Lake

My wife wants me to go for 40 days. You see. I only went for 10. I liked Chung Pyung just as much as I did any other indemnity condition. Yet I love Chung Pyung. I really do.

I believe it would be good for me to go and I believed it would be good for me to do something else. In fact I can think of a whole bunch of something else’s to do for that amount of money for 40 days. I am heartened that my National Messiahs also think 10 days is enough. I am trying to re-focus my wife toward what seems plain to me is Father's new emphasis, the Family Workshop, at New Hope Farm in Brazil. I have been there once. Fishing in the rain or with mosquitoes with my wife and children is my idea of our next Indemnity Condition. Last summer we spent several days on Lake Shin Wako in central Minnesota. Ahh. Indemnity. I love it. In the middle of the lake, talking with my 19 year-old daughter, or 16 year old son, just the two of us, Mom and I together. Talking about life and the future. Give me more of that indemnity.

Chung Pyung is special and everyone should go for at least three days. But if you cannot go to Mecca, ask Mecca to come to you. After you go to that ladder to heaven, keep the purity of spirit and loving heart with you always. If you lose it, don't wait for the next trip. Pilgrimages are rather rare, but we have to achieve heart in our lives day to day.

If my wife prevails and I must go for the big 40, then I will look at it as surgery. And get the benefit of surgery. "If you receive a prophet you will receive a prophet’s reward."

But my main internal theme regarding Chung Pyung lately has been more like the idea of doing it where one lives. I feel especially after I have been there 10 days I should do that. I want my wife to testify to me, "You don't need Chung Pyung."

My wife had that experience too. I explained there were several times recently when she became quite disappointed with herself, mostly because her love for others had turned into down-wrong hate. And she moaned, "Now I have to go back to Chung Pyung. I lost that good spirit." I explained to her that God’s Spirit was available here as well. And we wrestled with that idea.

Recently she went to merry olde England to do some fundraising and drive on the left side of the road with some Russian fundraisers. She really invested her heart, overcame many difficulties, lived quite humbly along with the members, and I was very proud of her. Also she spent some quality time with some exemplary English families, and from them she learned much. She returned from the United Kingdom with an obvious glow and though tired, all the members of our community saw and felt her grace. She was really happy. I told her, "You found Chung Pyung in England." She did not dispute me. Right now she is back there again. Also let’s remember that someday Chung Pyung, as a shamanistic heaven ladder, is to exist in each Continent. Someday maybe in your home.

Meanwhile I am trying to be a good boy and have a great new year, especially investing in others, hoping that I can avoid surgery. At least I know the scalpel has been prepared for me if I need it. Also I would like to say; Not everyone has the scalpel or indemnity experience. Just some of us.

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