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Yes. It is time to deal with the dark side of Chung-pyung. Everything in life has it’s shadow and in Chung Pyung it is definitely hygiene.

Chung Pyung has a bedding situation where you use a blanket/sleeping bag below and above you each night. So each night your face touches a fabric used by how many different people. To that situation add participants coming from every imaginable corner of the world. So people are exposed to viruses, bacteria and fungi with which their bodies have had no prior experiences. Their bodies are hard-put to come up with the antibodies/defenses. It is an unbelievably bad public health situation. Apparently the micro-organisms which live on through their airborne-ness, and are breathed in, have the best chance of getting us. Since it is our way to push occupancy to the limits, too many people share the same cubic air space. Under these circumstances the miracle is that not that many became sick with the "Chung Pyung cough", but that -- wait, I have to say it, (I hate the shadow) -- not more people died.

I wrote to Chung Pyung management after we went there two years ago. I was told they were aware of the problem and they were going to buy washing machines and wash the sleeping bags everyday. I thought it was a little extreme, but ... Later one of our members returned quite ill with a stick-in-the-eye-experience. I wrote again.

This time they put in their orientation text my suggestion that people "may, if they wish to" bring their own bedding. In my opinion treating this as an option is still not enough. It should be a requirement. That is absolute. Take your own bedding at least your own sheets and pillow cases.

Their kitchen is quite good. In the old days, when you went to Korea, you always got intestinal disorders, no matter where you stayed. From all the experience and information I know, that is not a problem at Chung Pyung. Their kitchen operations are very efficient and clean and I never heard of any diarrhea.

I am used to Korean food, but I can understand how people raised for decades on a certain diet have a hard time with it. The staff has tried to put in what they consider to be western food, especially for breakfast.

Yes, young children should not go unless parents want to specifically concentrate on a healing of that child--a special circumstance which shouldn’t even be attempted until the parents experience Chung Pyung first.

Our teenage children have both been there. My daughter had meaningful uplifting experiences at age 17, my son at 14 had indemnity experiences along with me, but we had them together, and that was nice.

If you often suffer from lung problems, do not go for more than 3 days.

Also if you go for 40 days, make a deal with yourself that if you get a bad cough, you are out of there. Narrow believers will tell you that you shouldn’t leave and that your coughing out evil spirits. Don't believe it. Go home. Get well. Claim spiritual cleansing for the amount of time you were there.

You would be right of course if you do not take the easy way out. We realize there have been many thousands who endured a terrible bronchial infection to the end and testify to being profoundly changed and liberated. They might say it was because they stuck it out. There are a lot of shadows for each of us to resolve personally with God and Chung Pyung. Because it is surgery and Blessing simultaneously will always be controversial.

Remember. There is a spiritual world. And we do have to straighten out our tangled ancestral rhizoma going back 10,000 generations. Don’t expect it to be easy.

I think if you haven't been there you need to wait a long time before you speak. I think if you had any problem there you need to complain directly to the Chung Pyung office.

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