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Chung Shim Tap to be erected on Chung Pyung Holy Ground

October, 1999

A pagoda is to be erected on the Chung Pyung Holy Ground. True Father himself named it Chung-Shim-Tap (the pagoda of loyal heart), and gave detailed directions regarding its shape and location. He was very pleased by the occasion. Chung-Shim-Tap will be 33 meters in total height, 6 meters at its base, and 10 meters in width. This project is being carried out by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim as a gift to congratulate True Father's 80th birthday and True Parent's 40th holy wedding anniversary.

Chung-Shim-Tap will also commemorate the completion of the Chun-Sung-Wang-Lim-Gung-Jun (the Palace of the King's coming to Heaven) in Oct, 1999 and those who made offering to the building construction.

It is not simply a piece of artistry but a holy monument with religious significance. It will certainly become a destination for pilgrimage, confession, and blessing. Its exterior will show upward images of climbing to the Heavens, while the interior will represent images of grace and blessings poured down from Heaven. The names and meanings of the parts are, from the top, Yang-Wi-Suk (symbolizing True Parents), Yi-Sung-Sung-Sang-Gu (the subject being of the harmonized Original Sung-Sang and Original Hyung-Sang),Ok-Gae-Sang-Suk (Give and Take Action), Sa-Wi-Gi-Dae-Suk (God, Parents, Children, the Four Position Foundation), Ok-Gaea-Joong-Suk (symbolizing 24 hours of day, night and eternity), Ok-Gea-Joong-Suk (symbolizes 12 months of a year, an extension of the Four Position Foundation, the Gate of Teachings (meaning purification and rebirth), Ship-Myun-Bu-Jo-Sang (a ten-sided relief figure, symbolizing True Parent's life history, the course of restoration and perfection), Gwang-Ro (the path of light, God's grace and direct dominion), Gwang-Jung (the source of blessing and grace. the starting point of Universal Prime Force), Gung-Ryoong-Chun-Jung (symbolizing Heaven, harmony, affluence, and perfection). There is a monolith on which the names of the donors for the construction of Chun-Sung-Wang-Lim-Gung-Jun, the Chuk-Bok-Sung-So( the place of grace and blessing) will be engraved.

Chung-Shim-Tap consists of five parts which are Sang-Joo-Bu, Goo-Sang-Bu, Tap-Shin-Bu, Ok-Gae-Bu, and Ki-Dan-Bu and has interior and exterior parts. In particular the Ship-Myun-Bu-Jo-Sang shows True Parent's chronology, miracles and works with ten sides of relief figures, each which has single or multiple features. Each side expresses important scenes concerning the providential age and True Parents who have achieved perfection; therefore, it is an essential part of the pagoda. These ten scenes are carved on the left side and represent ten important phases such as True Father's birth, True Parent's wedding, his lecture tour in America, the victory in Danbury, God's calling, the writing of the original edition of the Divine Principle, the founding of the Unification Church, the True Family movement, the Inter-Religious denominational movement, and the victory of the 360 million couple blessings.

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