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Basic Information about Chung Pyung Lake Workshops

Please note: This was updated Aug 14, 1999

As Chung Pyung office staff is very limited, please do not expect prompt replies to individual e-mail inquiries. National or Continental HQs should maintain up to date information about Chung Pyung. Your Korean national messiah or missionary will always be a helpful source of wisdom and practical guidance.

Our updated schedule to this point is below. Please encourage the members to come at least one day early so that they can acclimatize, get over jetlag, and prepare internally, etc. Please reconfirm workshop dates by e-mail or fax to Chung Pyung before sending members.

Chung Pyung Training Center
San 75-1, Songsan-ri,
Sorak-myun, Kapyung-gun, Kyunggi-do,
Republic of Korea
Telephone: (82) 356-584-7076 or (82) 356-584-4335
Fax: (82) 356-584-4336
Note: Phone numbers have added '5' making the local numbers 7 digits.
E-mail: Japanese office (
E-mail: Korean office (
Note: These are new e-mail addresses. (They were and

2-Day Workshop Schedule:

Every weekend except when Dae Mo Nim is out of the country or on an HSA-UWC holiday.

10-Day Workshop Schedule:

Saturday, August 14, 1999 - Monday, August 23, 1999

40-Day Workshop Schedule:

Saturday, August 14, 1999 - Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Participants arriving late may stay the extra days at the end to make up forty, but best to arrive for the start of the workshop.

Advance notice and Registration:

Send your names and proposed arrival date to Chung Pyung Training Center in advance of your coming. When you arrive, you will need to register and pay for the workshop you are attending.

Workshop Fees:

The fees are:

40 day: $350.00 (USD) + 10 day adult: $100.00 (USD) + 10 day under 12 years: $70.00 (USD) + Additional days are: $10.00 (USD) for adults, and $7.00 (USD) for children

Fees are no longer listed in Korean Won as the currency exchange rates are continuously changing. In addition, participants usually offer money (no specified amount) when attending prayer with Dae Mo Nim. Credit cards are not accepted at Chung Pyung, but money can generally be changed from dollars into won. There is a shop at the training center which sells snacks, books and souvenirs.

Internal Preparation:

Participants are encouraged to prepare internally before coming to Chung Pyung through conditions of, e.g., morning fasting and midnight prayer. Participants should understand that the results of attending the workshop depend on how much one invests. An attitude of open-heartedness, trust and determination to go beyond one's limitations will be an advantage.

Other preparation:

If you have time, it is suggested that you learn Grace of the Holy Garden (ideally in Korean--you may spend some sessions with Korean members) before coming.


Obtain a visa if you cannot stay long in Korea without one. If in doubt, ask at the nearest Korean embassy.

What to bring:

Essential for the workshop schedule: Exposition of Divine Principle (new English language translation), Blessing and Ideal Family, and the providential speeches (or Blessing and Ideal Kingdom Vol.1).

Very useful:

A small radio with FM capability: simultaneous translation of lectures is broadcast from a translator's booth. b) A plastic cup or small water container for "water of life."


It is very cold in Korea during the winter months, very hot in the summer. It is always very warm indoors. Choose clothes for maximum comfort -- there is no need for smart clothing for the general workshop schedule. Track suits are fine, but bring light T-shirts as well. Training shoes plus a separate slip-on pair are desirable. Smart clothing for pledge service etc. is optional.


Blankets are provided for sleeping but if you prefer the extra level of hygiene, bring your own sleeping bag or sheet.


Bring a supply of any medicines you require regularly. (Please be aware that you must report in advance any serious medical problem to the Chung Pyung staff and receive permission to attend.)

Extra money:

Bring enough money to stay in a cheap hotel for a night or two unless you are arriving in and leaving Korea the day the workshop begins and ends. Change some money into Korean Won at the airport banks (the exchange rates are fair). You need Won for the journey and incidental expenses.


Many couples have the desire to bring their children to Chung Pyung. Dae Mo Nim has said that it is good for the second generation to come. However, participants bringing children should know in advance that the rigors of the schedule are such that, with children to take care, of it may be very difficult to participate fully. There are no specialized child-care facilities or play/rest areas at Chung Pyung. It is a workshop center, and was not designed for comfort or individual/family convenience. It is often very crowded. The Chung Pyung staff recommend couples to come without children the first time (especially if they are planning to bring several at once) and then to make solid plans for bringing their family later. Especially older children attending Chung Pyung should receive some instruction as to the vision and schedule of the workshop. They should not bring musical instruments, personal music collections (or other distractions) as these will interfere with their participation.


Chung Pyung Training Center is 100 km (65 miles) from Kimpo International Airport. Unless a clear transportation arrangement has been made for you or your group, you will need to make your own way to Chung Pyung from the airport, or to organize your own accommodation in Seoul.


The International Convention Center, run by the Segye Times and located there--now somewhat amusingly renamed "Wedding Town Honey"--offers good quality accommodation at 14,000 won per night per bed (rooms have at least two beds, and all have private bathroom.) Tel: Seoul 792-7300, Fax 792-7305. Japanese spoken.

Organized Transport:

There may be buses going directly to and from Chung Pyung Training Center from the airport. Recently, Seil Travel Co. has been handling bus transportation for various groups to the Chung Pyung Training Center--so it is wise for a headquarters to check with Seil ahead of time in case there will be space available. Alternatively, if enough people are arriving at one time, a bus can be reserved. Seil Travel can be contacted at their main office (Mr. Hyuk JEONG--speaks English) on 733-0011 in Seoul. Fax is 722-8070. Seil bus reservations number is 739-1261. Failing this, there are sometimes spaces on buses ferrying people back to the airport after a workshop finishes--and if there is space you can get on even without advance notice, though you will probably be required to pay something.


A taxi direct from the airport will take around two hours. You must pay double what the meter shows as it is beyond the Seoul city limits. That means $90-120 at current exchange rates, at best estimate. (Or make an agreement in advance with the driver as to how much you will pay.) The taxi driver may wish to call Chung Pyung Training Center to check the route.


This will take three to four hours. Take the subway to Kunja subway stop, straight along line No. 5 from the airport. Change to line No. 7 and get off at Sangbong station. Subway fare will be about 550 won per person. Find the Sangbong bus terminal--a short walk from there--and take a bus to the village of Sorak-myun (NOT to Sorak-san, the famous mountain). You will need to find the right kiosk (signs are also in English) in the bus terminal and they will tell you the gate number for boarding. The fare is around 3,500 won. Buses for Sorak leave every 30 minutes. The last bus is around 6:30 in the evening. Make sure you tell the bus driver "Sorak myun" so he can tell you when to get off (It is best to carry a piece of paper with the name written on it!). After an hour or more the bus will cross Chung Pyung Lake near the dam, on a bridge. Fifteen minutes later, the bus climbs a long hill and shortly after coming down the other side arrives at Sorak myun (village). Get off there. At Sorak village, the taxi drivers are all familiar with our training center, and they drive you there for 5,000 won. It is a ten-minute drive. Tell the driver Tong Il Kyo Hae Soo Ryun Won. Just around the corner from the main street is the Sorak myun family church. On days just before the start of workshops the church members run a minbus back and forth to the training center, which is free of charge. Just follow the crowds. 

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