Chung Pyung Lake Workshops

Seven Generations Ancestral Liberation at Chung Pyung

February 26, 1999

I attended the recent Seven Generations Ancestor liberation. I asked Mrs. Soonja Richardson about what could be done in our countries. The general answer I received was that if we make sufficient conditions either to receive Dae Mo Nim in our countries; to receive ancestor liberation; or for the ceremony to connect parents with their ascended second generation children in order to prepare them for the Blessing; then these can occur in our countries. She mentioned that we could have had an ancestor liberation ceremony in Europe last year during Dae Mo Nim's visit but that sufficient conditions had not been laid. Soonja Richardson did not specifically mention the Seven Generation's Ancestor Liberation as my question was directed at those couples who had not heard of the ceremony to help parents prepare their ascended second generation children for spiritual blessing. This, however, was the spirit of what was said.

Dae Mo Nim said in one speech that she will come to our countries but that what she could do was limited by the effort that we made for God's Providence. Japan had received the most visits (four) from Dae Mo Nim as they had a special position in God's Providence and were making the most efforts and donations for God's Providence. She explained that if we really made many efforts to witness and fulfill God's Providence she would be moved to gather many of our ancestors for liberation. She explained that the effort of gathering our ancestors was not a pleasant task as they had to be found in many unpleasant places of the spirit world. She compared it to walking through mud in order to locate all the generations. Dae Mo Nim was asked by True Father to do the Seven Generation's Liberation but this made her very nervous to find all the ancestors. She testified to having made prayer and bowing conditions all night to be able to locate all the ancestors.

The lists of names we were asked to prepare were for the Seven generations on the Father's side plus any brothers or sisters or children who had died after being born. It was mentioned that the names were not absolutely necessary but would assist Dae Mo Nim to find the ancestors quickly.

During True Father's speech on the 21st of February (True Parent's Birthday speech) I heard that True Father is advising us to liberate up to 120 generations if possible by his birthday next year. At that point the spirit world and physical world would in some way become one and it would be advisable for ancestors to be liberated by then. Dae Mo Nim mentioned that it is possible for ancestors to be liberated in incremental levels. Seven then 14 then 21 etc. as the spiritual foundation develops. So far only up to Seven Generation's liberation has been available.

Sufficient conditions seems to mean following our original mind/conscience as to what is necessary. This includes praying as to what kind of donation we should make. Apparently Hueng Jin Nim had asked a very large amount but Dae Mo Nim had said that this would be a big burden on members. We were then advised to pray to discover what was appropriate. The Temple being built at Chung Pyung is to be funded by these donations. This is to opened next year by True Parents on their birthday.

I do not pretend to comprehend all of what this means so please don't ask for explanations - but I just wanted to pass on the information that we received. We felt very regretful at not having prepared sufficiently when going to Chung Pyung which caused Dae Mo Nim to have to make many conditions herself.

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