Chung Pyung Lake Workshops

Fees for Liberation Ceremonies

April 25, 1999

I was at Chung Pyung last month (March). True Parents visited to speak to about 1500 blessed spouses who has "spiritual and physical spouse blessing." The general workshop participants were able to listen in via radio.

From the directions that were given to us later (after the meeting), it was explained by Mrs. Richardson that Father had decided that all members participating in the ancestors liberation should contribute a certain amount of money as the external condition. He was quite unhappy that this was not being done previously. I also understood that prior to Father's decision, Heung Jin Nim had stated a very high amount, but Dae Mo Nim (the Mother's heart... suggested that maybe members would find it difficult, and that they could give what they could afford).

Father said that Japanese and Koreans had to give the highest amount (the amounts were stated. Americans should give $1,400 per spouse (not couple). Paid in full by end of May (some changes have been made since, please contact your church leaders). Otherwise, the ancestors would remain in a limbo type situation after the 100 day workshop. You must understand; at this stage of the providence Father is serious about our "absolute love, faith and obedience" commitment. From the unification principle standpoint, restoration takes place spiritually and physically. Conditions must be made through offering of our bodies and giving all things (money), not just to make some spiritual base only. Never forget this point (I could give you much details)!!!

As pertaining to your questions about previous ancestors liberation of several types, please try to understand the "providential and spiritual language" of the messiah. There are many nuances involved, things have to be done (for example) according to the stages of growth and development to eventually reach the final stage of perfection (completion). At each stage or each major accomplishment, victory is proclaimed in an uncompromising way. Jesus used similar language and statements: e.g: On the theme of salvation: "He who believes in me (shall never die) shall be saved," later, "Those who do the commandments of my father shall be saved," ...and further, "Those who persevere to the end shall be saved." Here we see "salvation" proclaimed from the very onset. The principle explains that we must go all the way, not just believe. There are many other examples on other topics in the course of Jesus.

The resurrection/liberation of our ancestors (hopefully our members understand this) also takes place in stages, each providential breakthrough brings us (together with them, Heb.11:12) closer to the final stage, Rev.21:5-6. Dae Mo Nim has explained that our ancestors are liberated and resurrected to the point of being able to receive the blessing. This tells me that they, centering on us (their descendants), have to go through another stage: "to enter through the gates into the kingdom of heaven."

Father, as you know, is working his guts out right now to prepare the true nation status. This is the other level that we all (including our ancestors) must go to. Please understand that we did not receive the blessing as pure perfected individuals, it is conditional, because we are from the fallen world. We still have a lot of sin, evil spirit problems etc., etc., to resolve. And hey, the "living offering" of US$16,000 must be made. I am not trying to scare you or any of your ancestors, but we gotta hang in there.

However, don't worry too much, after everything is accomplished we will all gather around a big banquet table (a round one), with space for everybody, and have the greatest time of our eternal life. Everybody will be sharing the most exciting part of their testimony and how they had to follow Jacob's path to make the money to pay for it all.

God bless. Be bold and strong. Oh, if this is of some help...while I was in Chung Pyung, after my ancestors liberation with Dae Mo Nim, we were told that we did not have to participate in the succeeding ones (of that particular type). I also want you to know that apart from the principle meaning of offering material things (money), Father needs a lot of money to fulfill everything that he should do on earth. When he gets to the spirit world, he won't need it up there.

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