Chung Pyung Lake Workshops

Arguing Mediums

April, 1999

This from a highly placed source who told me he witnessed the following at East Garden.

Hyo Nan Kim and Dr. Lee's medium (another Kim) were both at East Garden and were having a heated argument about disagreements in their views of the spirit world. Hyo Nam Kim took umbrage at Dr Lee's account of Dae Mo Nim's activities in the spirit world. He portrays her as living a rather quiet, humble life of attendance to True Parents, rather than as the Queen of Heaven who has subjugated Satan and reigns with Heung Jin in Mother's place.

Father scolded the two and told them to cooperate. Hyo Nan Kim later told Father that the Dr. Lee material was false and from Satan. Father replied that even if it is from Satan, he believes it, and if Hyo Nan Kim would not refrain from publicly criticizing it, he would no longer believe that Dae Mo Nim was working through her. He also told Dr. Lee's medium to make sure that a new chapter would be added to Dr Lee's book to clarify Dae Mo Nim's true position in the spirit world. I guess that's ONE way of making sure all the spirits are lining up correctly.

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