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Haewonshik Donation

April 23, 1999

Here is what I have heard about the donation money since last year.

Dae Mo Nim began doing the Haewon ceremonies last year. At first, HJN directed to her that members should donate xxx amount in relation to the Haewonshik. Dae Mo Nim apparently convinced him that this would be too hard on our members, the result being that she asked that we pray hard and find the correct amount for us to donate (the appropriate amount for us to donate).

We planned to go to CPL in April, seeing as the Chosang Haewonshik would be available during that time, and we made plans and later began our jongsong (conditions). About half way to the finish line, I heard that the donations had been made clear and fixed. Anyway, we kept on ahead, planning to just go anyway and see how things went.

Then, at our local "church" and again at CPL, directly from Dae Mo Nim, we were told the reason behind these changes is Father's direction. Father directed that even ancestors who had been haewoned, and were attending the training in SW had to stop, and be "put on hold" until the donation condition could be fulfilled.

Dae Mo Nim explained that this is very hard on the ancestors. Some of them have come from rather unpleasant or nasty locations, and when put on hold, they are very concerned that they are going to be sent back. She described some of them as trembling with fear, or just frozen, and she feels so sorry for them.

I want to stress this point, because this is Father's instruction. It is not Dae Mo Nim or any other "crew" putting our ancestors on hold. Father specifically directed that they should do this. This direction came out around in March, I believe, after TP's birthday, so Father directed that those of us who had planned to go to CPL (from Japan) could go, and participate with the pledge that we would fulfill the donation within 3 months. Our ancestors would be liberated but put on hold, not actually attending the training, but not stuck in their old SW environment either.

Those who planned to go after this directive came out have to take the donation with them, the rationale given being that earlier planners didn't have the time to prepare to fulfill this difficult condition.

At this point, I guess I should mention that the donations are, as we here are informed: Korean members 700$US per individual (on earth), Japanese members 7000$US per individual(OE), other members 700$US per individual(OE).

Any way you look at it, it is a lot harder and more painful for Japanese based families. Perhaps you will remember them in your prayers.

I'm sorry that I don't have any information on why Father has instructed things be way. I know many of us suffer over our financial problems, and that it is hard to reconcile our expectations of the "church" with lots of directives. I know I do. But aren't we really in the process of burning the fat? Big things are taking place. Never lose hope, but keep on until you find the point where you can get it all together. Aren't we God's champions?

About the "Fee", this sounds to me like a set up done overseas for various reasons. I mean, we have to pay a fee when we stay at the CPL workshop. Perhaps it covers the costs of the CPL work reaching out and visiting these places. I would recommend that if it is really important to you, you speak directly to the CPL staff. They know what is going on. If you have a Japanese spouse or friend, use them as a translator - the CPL staff are pretty good Japanese speakers. (Don't know about their English!)

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