Chung Pyung Lake Workshops

Liberation Ceremonies and Evangelism

April 23, 1999

Tonight Dae Mo Nim spoke with the second generation in Washington DC. We clapped, and sang and the whole business, but I felt so free and playful. I grabbed a few kids who were running around and explained a little of what was going on. We had fun. The children who could receive what she said about being pure were really inspired. The impact of a huge group of kids singing and clapping and listening to a talk together was very supportive and gave credence to what she was saying. Her message was simple and most parents have said those same words plus add the stuff about the spirit world and how evil spirits work and how to remove them was easily accepted because it was given with such love. Plus that drum was so exciting and impressive to the kids. Church usually is quiet and boring!

Tomorrow our ancestors get a lift up. Since my dad died last year I am grateful that he is included. (My parents received the holy wine from me just before RFK, it was amazing because we were so joyful and we had fun. Something I never expected from my dad especially) Every day I do my 50 bows on their behalf and pray deeply for them. A sincere sense of calm is coming over me as the 21 days draws to a close. There is a reality of change going on spiritually I am sure.

I am personally looking forward to this in the hopes that it will empower me to be more successful in my spiritual life. The battles are rough sometimes it is encouraging to think and feel that someone up there is helping me. I'll take any help I can get!

About the money, I only know that I owe somebody a lot for all I have received. I also think that the money will be used to build the castle for TP in Korea. On a mountain side in Korea overlooking the lake at Chung Pyung, wow, beautiful.

When I heard about the $16,000 living offering I was amazed that it was so little compared to what I think I owe. If I only think about all the conferences, hotel rooms, meals I got for free, I am sure my bill would be many times that amount. It's cheap! $700 is a lot of money to poor Moonies but it's still a bargain.

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