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Dae Mo Nim - 7 Generation Ancestor Liberation Ceremony
North American Tour
Westin Hotel
Chicago, Illinois
April 22, 1999


Myung Bin (Melvin) Mouton - Indiana

During the liberation ceremony everything turned dark and then as I was praying Many tunnels appeared before me with the front end open. All of my ancestors appeared to me in those tunnels. They were all very excited because they were free now to leave and go to the workshop with Heung Jin Nim.

Doug Williams - Kentucky

As I was riding in the van on the way to Chicago I dozed off and a loud voice echoed throughout the Spirit World calling my family name "Williams". The voice kept repeating my name, "Williams, Williams, Williams." Today it became clear that it was the voice of one of my ancestors who was calling all of my other ancestors for the liberation ceremony. They were anxiously trying to find everyone for the ceremony.

Ali Mahjoub - Indiana

My physical brother had passed to the spirit world the same day the Heung Jin Nim passed away. His body could never be found. During the ceremony Ali became spiritually open and could see that his Father and Mother had found his lost brother. Then his Father ran together with his brother toward the Moon which then became True Father.

Norman Presley - Kentucky

Many times since I joined the church my great grandfather would appear and wake me up for pledge service. Today he appeared to me again. I found out that he was a boy during the civil war when he was separated from his family. He grew up the rest of his life not knowing exactly what happened to them presuming that they were killed. He appeared to me during the liberation ceremony and was gathering together all the ancestors for the liberation. During this time my great grandfather found his father and mother again. Words cannot express his liberation.

Steve Yoder - Texas

Last night while I was sleeping all of my ancestor came to me in the room. Their appearance threw me out of the bed onto the floor. They were in total chaos and I was desperately wrestling with them. Then I began to call Dae Mo Nim's name over and over again. As I called their name they all became peaceful and began to line up and become organized oldest to youngest. They were present during the ceremony peaceful, organized and happy.

Blaire Andrews - Texas

For the last 9 months I have had to take medication for my right side. My side has been completely numb with no hope for improvement. Today, while Dae Mo Nim said that our ancestors would come to our right side I felt my ancestors come and my right side is completely healed. I can't believe it. The feeling that has been gone from my right side for 9 months has now been completely restored.

Mary Anglin - Kansas

Last week as I was preparing for the liberation ceremony I received mail from a relative that I don't hear from very often. When I opened the letter a picture of a tombstone fell out on the floor. My relative found the tombstone in an old cemetery. Somehow, she felt she had to send it to me, which was unusual, because there is no reason why she would think to send this to me. It was the tombstone of my ancestor. From this I felt how desperate my ancestors are to reach me so that they wouldn't be forgotten.

Anna Swearson - St. Louis

I did a forty - day condition to prepare for Dae Mo Nim. One of the last nights when we finished prayer an unusual phenomenon occurred - We have a lamp in our house that lights up when you touch it with your hand. With the first touch it turns on and it gets one level brighter with each of the following two touches. Just as I was about to leave the room. The lamp turned on! This shocked me! Then it got brighter. Which could not happen by accident. Then, as I stared at the lamp, it got one notch brighter. I knew my ancestors were there - saying hello to me.

Douglas Culbertson - Ohio

During the liberation ceremony I experienced the presence of so many of my ancestors. I could see my Grandfather standing between True Father and True Mother. I felt so light.

Kathleen Sometani - Chicago

My husband and I together with our children were all bowing 50 times per day to prepare for Dae Mo Nim. During our bowing we called out our ancestors names. This morning which was the final morning of our condition I became acutely aware of the presence of my ancestors and that they had gathered together. I could actually feel their presence with us. Then I suddenly felt the presence of all of my husband's ancestors. I could sense my oriental ancestors and they were all bowing to each other.

Rose - Chicago CARP

I cried very much in Chung Pyung. There I found she had many female spirits in her that were unhappy and had a lot of hateful feelings. Today, I could not stop crying during the holy song. I felt that all the hateful feelings left me and I felt comfort and that the female spirits were all comforted and liberated.

Elsie - Wisconsin

Four days ago, in the middle of the night, I was reading the information about Dae Mo Nim's coming. Suddenly, my closet door flew open and a troop of ancestors marched out of my closet and right past me! They all came marching in tonight and were liberated.

Donna - Texas

When I was in Chung Pyung I found out that my ancestors had killed a lot of LaCota Sioux Indians. Many of the Sioux Indian spirits came out of me. Then I could realize why my relatives had suffered so many tradgedies in their lives. One relative got a severe eye problem and lost their sight and had to have their eyes sewn shut. Another, with diabetes, kept going to the hospital over a period of years having to have her leg amputated. Not all at once but 6 inches or so at a time. First one leg was cut off several times bit by bit until it was completely removed to the hip. Then the other leg had to be amputated the same way. I found that my ancestors had destroyed the eyes of some Indians and also had cut off their legs bit by bit. It was a shocking discovery.

Today during the liberation ceremony (Donna was crying when she shared this) all of my ancestors appeared and then to my absolute astonishment the Lacota Sioux appeared and hugged by ancestors saying "We can forgive you now!"

Steve - Chicago

My ancestors grew up in Chicago and continually had to move because black people kept expanding into my relatives neighborhood. Because of their difficulty to accept black people they continually moved their homes farther and farther away from the city. As they moved they felt resentment that they could never digest. Today, during the ceremony, I felt their presence. During the ceremony I suddenly realized that this particular Westin Hotel was the one in which we held the Women's Federation for World Peace Sisterhood Ceremony. It was in this hotel that Rev. T.L. Barrett Jr. gave his first sermon as a guest speaker for us and that over 40 women from his church attended. Suddenly, because of the joy that Rev. Barrett has given our True Parents, I could feel that my ancestors had hope to overcome their resentment to black people. Because they were grateful to Dae Mo Nim and True Parents for liberation and Rev. Barrett has given True Parents joy as a black minister they could feel love and appreciation for Black people. Their resentments began to dissolve. Then I could feel how happy my ancestors felt to be liberated from these feelings.

Hiroshi - Chicago

I felt so much regret and sadness over the fact that I could not witness to my Father and my Brother before they went to the spirit world. Today, was a great liberation for them and for me. Today, they came to the ceremony and I could connect them to True Parents through Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim. I am so liberated and no longer feel the burden of regret.

3 years ago, before I went to Chung Pyung I had many deep resentments toward leaders. No matter, how hard I tried, I could never get rid of them. After, I went to Chung Pyung, I felt love from True Parents and then could come to love my leaders. I'm grateful to Rev. Pak, Rev. Kim and Rev. Jenkins for encouraging me to go to Chung Pyung. I deeply grateful to Dae Mo Nim.

Rev. Jesse Avila - Chicago

Many of my relatives in the spirit world were religious people . Some were Catholic Priests and Nuns. Some were dedicated workers for the Catholic Church. Some of them were persecuted and killed while they were doing religious work. Those that died like this were deeply resentful that though they were serving Jesus, they were killed. Some had deep anger and resentment even to God feeling, "Why did I have to die ? I was serving Jesus, this is not fair that I had to die serving Jesus!" I also would continually feel this deep sense of anger and resentment in my own heart that I never understood until today. Today, my ancestors were totally liberated. Somehow, through Dae Mo Nim they could understand and be liberated from their resentment for having died as martyrs. As they were liberated, I could feel this sense of anger also leave me. I'm so grateful to Dae Mo Nim.

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