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USA Liberation Ceremony Thoughts

April 22, 1999

A few thoughts from Dae Mo Nim's Ancestor Liberation Ceremony in Oakland, CA., April 21, 1999.

Like many who attended the Liberation Ceremony yesterday, I was curious from the start which side of me was going to gain ground, the critical, or the faithful self. I saw within me *both* doing battle as the ceremony started, and we literally destroyed Grace of the Holy Garden.

The difference for me was Dae Mo Nim herself. She appeared more as a young businesswoman than a spiritualist. But when she spoke it made all the difference for me. She spoke with the passion and heart I'd hoped to see in Mothers' talk just a few weeks earlier. I sensed a truly urgent heart in her, and a concern as if she had only one chance to warn the passengers of the Titanic. I really wanted to put my headphones away and listen to her compelling voice, even in Korean, and just drink in the essence. But I compromised and listened in one ear to the Korean and in the other ear to the translation. I regret not getting an audio tape of her talk, at least. Please do, if you have the chance.

Perhaps another point in my favor is that both my parents have gone to the spiritual world, my Father in 1990, my Mother when I was 15. So I was excited at the prospect of some kind of reunion. When she said, "Your ancestors are now to the right of you." and "Speak to them as if you would in normal life." I was surprised and flooded by feelings of regret and sorrow that weren't my own, I think. But I'm not sure. It seems natural that upon rejoining our loved ones, that a huge, " I'm sorry!" is in order *on all sides* for all the ways we've hurt each other. And I'm sure I've done my share of the hurting too.

I didn't have my spiritual eyes opened, so all I can say is what I felt in my heart. But it seems to have been a good beginning for rebuilding a lost relationship. So I intend to do my best to fulfill the daily prayer condition, and monitory offering. And just see where it all takes me.

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