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Liberation Ceremonies and Evangelism

April 22, 1999

It is good to see so many brothers and sisters sharing their honest reflections on their personal experiences with Dae Mo Nim's liberation ceremonies. Somehow, this action seems to be a very valuable step towards uniting the spiritual and physical worlds.

Recently I have been thinking about this moment we are in, with the age of total Blessing now in full swing, "Cosmic Expansion of the Blessing..." It makes me realize how real the spirit world is. We have a hard time, typically, to fathom the spirit world, what with all the emphasis in daily life placed on things physical: money, bills, this object, that object, etc., all the physical concerns that bombard us 24 hours a day. But as we all started out in the beginning, our main reason for accepting the invitation of our True Parents was, I believe, for our eternal life.

This life is short, very short, a mere click of the second hand of our wristwatch. When people finish their life on earth and their entire life flashes before their eyes, what remains is what's important. What is the "sum total" of our life's focus will be our eternal joy or regret.

Our ancestors in the spirit world are already there with no way to come back with their own physical body which has now returned to the earth. They have no means to correct what they did wrong, and we all know that none fulfilled their purpose of life no matter how relatively good they may have been. Therefore, we need to think of them in the most realistic and intimate terms: they NEED US! They absolutely cannot rise above their imperfect state without us. We are as necessary to them as our own physical bodies are necessary to us for our own spiritual growth.

Then, this ceremony is really for our ancestors. It's for them. It's to help them rise up in the love of God to a place of peace, happiness, and soulful satisfaction. We may see this ceremony as a "burden", but if it is, it is a burden to carry for our ancestors, because they cannot carry it anymore. They left their burdens on the earth because this is where they accumulated them. It is therefore we on earth who must pick them up and carry them to the end of the course so that they will be dissolved once and for all. Thus, this is our action to "...Root out the blood lineage of Satan," by carrying the burden and paying the price for our ancestors.

Right now is the specially prepared moment in history to do this. Everything has been prepared by God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and many other good spirits and angels. We expand the Blessing to all and in the process we root out every last vestige of Satan's blood from ourselves. Will we get tired? At times we certainly will. But compared to what Heavenly Father has carried on behalf of all humankind, how can we complain? Compared to what our True Parents have endured all throughout their lives, how can we say it is too much? When we put ourselves into the context of the whole of history, in the context of Heavenly Father's life, True Parents' lives, we have indeed a very small 5% to fulfill. Let us have deep joy and gratitude for this singular opportunity that NO ONE else in history has ever had. By this relatively small sacrifice, we can wipe away the debts of at least seven generations. These will become people who can then help us instead of tormenting us. It's a very "cost effective" transaction, when you think about it.

God bless everyone.

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