Chung Pyung Lake Workshops

Helpful Pointers To Make Your Chung Pyung Workshop a Pleasant Experience

Internal Preparation:

One week morning fasting (midnight to noon). Pray at midnight. Participants should understand that the results of attending the workshop depend on how much they invest. An attitude of open-heartedness, trust and strong determination to go beyond one's

limitations are important.

External Preparation and Directions

a) Staying in Korea:

Obtain a visa if you cannot stay long in Korea without one. If in doubt, ask at the embassy.

b) What to bring:

It is very cold in Korea during the wintry months, very hot in the summer. It is always very warm indoors. Choose clothes for maximum comfort. Shoes for hill-walking plus a separate slip-on pair is desirable. Blankets are provided. Bring your own Sleeping Bag if you prefer. Bring a supply of any medicines you require regularly.

c) How to get there:

By Taxi

The Training Center is located about 100 km away from the Incheon Airport . The taxi driver may wish to call the Training Center (Tel. 031-589-7138, 7139) to check the route. A taxi direct from the airport will take at least two hours and cost at the most $100. You can try for less if you get lucky the driver will accept your offer. If the taxi driver wants to charge you more, tell him where to go and try a different cabby or take a different route.

By Bus

Going by bus will take perhaps three hours: take the Express Bus (Gosog Bus, fee is 9,100 won, Departure Time Table from the Airport: 7:00 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, 16:00 p.m. and 19:00 p.m.). It may take one hour and 40 minutes to get to the Chung Pyung Bus Terminal depending on traffic. From the bus terminal take a taxi to the Chung Pyung Training Center (taxi fare is about 17,000 won and it will take approximately 25 minutes). Or you can board a bus to Sorak Bus Stop (fee 1000 won). Take a taxi from the Sorak Bus Stop. The taxi drivers are all familiar with our training center, and they drive you there for 5,000 won. It's a ten-minute drive. Tell them Tong-Il-Gyo-Hoe Soo-Ryun-Won.

d) How to get from Chung Pyung Training Center to your departure Airport

Take a cab directly to the airport (that might be the easiest way to go and not too expensive if you can find 3 people to go with you to split the $100 Fare by four).

Of course you could also take a cab to the Chung Pyung Express Bus Station. Cost is 17,000 won. Then take the Express Bus to the airport. Cost 9,100 won.

There is also a Van you can use - If you have a couple of companions (max. 4 people including yourself) or huge baggage, take the Airport Call-Van. You can call them at 1588-0402. The driver will directly take you to the Chung Pyung Express Bus Station. Cost unknown. Then take the Express Bus to the airport. Cost 9,100 won.

Departure Time Table from the Chung Pyung Bus Station for the Express Bus to return to the Airport - 5:10 a.m., 8:10 a.m., 10:40 a.m., 13:40 p.m., 15:10 p.m., and 19:10 p.m.). Cost 9,100 won. From here it will take up to 2 hours to get to the Airport.

If the above information does not work for you, here is one brother sharing his travel experiences in great detail. This is also very helpful. Check it out.

Transportation from the Airport to the Chung Pyung Training Center

Usually, when there are planned workshops, Seil Travel is providing buses from the airport to the CP Training Center.

There are 2 airports now. Incheon International Airport and Kimpo Airport. The Incheon Airport is about a 35 minute drive from Kimpo Airport. Usually now the international flights arrive at Inchon.

When you arrive at Incheon look (or ask) for Seil Travel. Youcan recognize them on their purple/yellow flag, which says CHUNG PYONG TRAVEL. Seil Travel Tel: 733-001 (call from Inchon), ask for Mr. Omine, he speaks English.

If you cannot find them at Incheon Airport, then they might be at Kimpo airport. All busses leaving from Incheon airport will first go to Kimpo Airport. Take a bus to Kimpo Airport and look in the arrival hall there. Ask the driver to let you off at the Arrival hall. A bus from Incheon Airpot costs from 4500 to 8000 won. They are selling tickets when you come outside. Look for the cheapest one. It is just as good as the expensive one. There are constantly buses going, so you never have to wait longer then 10 minutes.

Please write down the address of CPL. You will need this address when you fill out the immigration paper that they give you on the airplane.

Address: San 75-1, Songsan-ri,
Sorak-myun, Kapyung-gun, Kyunggi-do,
Republic of Korea
Tel: 31-584-7076 / 31-584-4335
Tel: 31-589-7138 (Soonja Richardson's desk)
Fax: 31-584-4336
E-mail: Japanese office (
E-mail: Korean office (

If for some reason you cannot find the Seil bus, then you can try to get there by public transportation (itís no problem also very cheap). Print this out, so you can ask people the names of the subway station. But if you look yourself on the subway map (as a foreigner, you can get one for free when you buy a ticket) you can easily find it. They have a perfect subway system.


This will take three to four hours.

First you go by bus from Incheon Airport to Kimpo airport, there you can get on the subway. From Kimpo you take the No. 5 Line (the purple line on the map) to the Gunja Stop. Here you change to the No. 7 Line (the green line on the map) and get off at the Sangbong Station. Subway fare will be about 700 won per person.

In the subway station take Exit No. 3. Find the Sangbong Bus Terminal (ask if necessary, everybody knows, itís just a short walk from there. Take a bus to the Village of Sorak-Myun (NOT to Sorak-San, the famous mountain). You will need to find the right kiosk (signs are also in English) in the bus terminal and they will tell you the gate number for boarding. The fare is around 3,500 won. Buses for Sorak-myun leave every 30 minutes. The last bus is around 6:30 in the evening. (people at the counter know that most Westerners have to go to Sorak-Myun, so no problem).

Make sure you tell the bus driver "Sorak Myun" so he can tell you when to get off (It is best to carry a piece of paper with the name written on it!). After an hour or more (when there is a traffic jam it can take longer) the bus will cross Chung Pyung Lake near the dam, on a bridge. Fifteen minutes later, the bus climbs a long hill and shortly after coming down the other side arrives at Sorak Myun Village. Get off there.

At Sorak Myun village, the taxi drivers are all familiar with our training center, and they drive you there for 5,000 won. It is a ten-minute drive. Tell the driver Tong Il Kyo Hae Soo Ryun Won. Just around the corner from the main street is the Sorak Myun Family Church. On days just before the start of workshops the church members run a Minibus back and forth to the training center, which is free of charge. Just follow the crowds.

If you arrive later in the afternoon (or are too tired), and you cannot make it the same day to CPL by public transportation, you might take a cheap hotel and go the next morning.

Go to Kimpo Airport. In the arrival hall, go to a desk with 'tourist information'. Tell them you want a cheap hotel, not more then 35.000 won, and they will arrange it for you. They will arrange a hotel nearby; from the hotel they will pick you up with their shuttle bus, or you can go there by subway nr. 5, itís just one stop. There are many, many cheap hotels in that area.

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