The Words of the Skrodzki Family

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International Summer HARP Workshop in Glanow, Poland 2nd - 8th August, 2021 (Ola Brzyska, Andranik Karagezian, Sandra Skrodzki, Ania Duran - June 18, 2021 pdf)

Central and Eastern European Winter HARP Workshop in Glanow, Poland (Andranik Karagezian and Sandra Skrodzki - December 2, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU EUME: Central and Eastern European Champions of Love Summer HARP Workshop (Andranik Karagezian and Sandra Skrodzki - May 15, 2022 pdf)

UPF Europe and the Middle East ILC July-August 2022: Berlin Session 2 (Sandra Skrodzki - July 26, 2022 pdf)

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