The Words of the Ten Wolde Family

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We Have Two New Brothers Here in New York City, N. Y. (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - June 31, 1966 pdf)

The History of the Unified Family in New York City (Barbara R. Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - March 1970)

A Visit to Our Homeland (Barbara R Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - January 1971)

Mrs. (Shin Wook [Lady Dr.]) Kim has been helping us with difficult problems (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - May 23, 1971)

Some Cry and Some are angry (Weekend Workshops) (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - June 1971)

American Indian Prophecy? (Barbara Mikesel [Ten Wolde] - October 1971)

Three Day Fast Opposing the Entry of Communist China to the United Nations (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - October 25, 1971)

Leader initiated a turning point in the development of science (Barbara R. Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - February 1972 pdf)

Three Week Pioneer Training in New York (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - February 4, 1972 pdf)

Al Capp Speaks about Leader in Newspaper (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - March 26, 1972 pdf)

It was so wonderful to meet European Family (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - April 24, 1972 pdf)

European Trip with Master (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - June 1972 pdf)

American Indian Prophecy (Barbara Mikesell [Ten Wolde] - March 1974 pdf)

Dark Night of the Soul (Barbara [Mikesell] ten Wolde - August 1980 pdf)

On the Blessing (Barbara ten Wolde - October 1980 pdf)

Dirk ten Wolde ascended recently (Michael and Maria Kiely - September 13, 2018 pdf)

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