The Words of the Tatz Family

 Table of Contents

Abraham, Father of Faith (Vicki Tatz - March 1975 pdf)

An Answer to Worker Woes (Vicki Tatz - March 1975 pdf)

The American Mystic Unveiled (Vicki Tatz - April 1975 pdf)

A New Outlook on Technology (Vicki Tatz - April 1975 pdf)

Scientist: In the Beginning Was the Word (Vicki Tatz - April 1975 pdf)

The Age of Throwaway Children (Vicki Tatz - May 1975 pdf)

Being Old in America (Vicki Tatz - May 1975 pdf)

Technology for the community (Vicki Tatz - May 1975 pdf)

Religion and the American Revolution (Vicki Tatz - August 1975 pdf)

At the Heart of Education is Heart (Vicki Tatz - August 1975 pdf)

The Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade returns to New York (Vicki Tatz - August 1975 pdf)

News from a Unification Church Missionary in the South Pacific (Vicky Tatz - August 8, 1975 pdf)

Why We Live Together in the Unification Church (Vicki Tatz - September 1975 pdf)

Vietnamese Finding Hope in America (Vicki Tatz - September 1975 pdf)

From one of our 1975 Missionaries somewhere in the South Pacific (Vicki Tatz - September 1975 pdf)

The International Family Association Searches for the Origins of Delinquency (Vicki Tatz - September 10, 1975 pdf)

News from our Unification Church Missionary in the South Pacific: (Vicki Tatz - October 1975 pdf)

What do we, the American people, want in our leaders? (Vicki Tatz - December 1975 pdf)

Parents Association of the Unification Church of Los Angeles' first workshop (Vicki Tatz - December 1975 pdf)

Revelation from Prophet Mohammed Predicts End of the World (Sent by one of our Unification Missionaries - December 12, 1975 pdf)

Liberation Theology - Jesus: the Liberator? (Vicki Tatz - January 1976 pdf)

From our Unification Church Missionary in Bangui, Central African Republic (Vickie Tatz - January 1976 pdf)

From our Unification Church Missionary in North Central Africa (Vicki Tatz - January 1976 pdf)

Members' Parents Thrilled by Barrytown's Divine Principle Seminar (Vicki Tatz - January 18, 1976 pdf)

What is Sin? (Vicki Tatz - February 1976 pdf)

Three Viewpoints on Religion: Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum and Senator Mark Hatfield (Vicki Tatz - March 1976 pdf)

Glenda Moody and the Force Behind the D.C. Striders (Vicki Tatz - March 1976 pdf)

Reverend Moon is the first person to a getting together of Orient and Occident (Vicki Tatz - March 1976 pdf)

Poverty in Central America breeds Marxist Liberation Theology (From a Unification Church Missionary in Central America - March 1976 pdf)

Because of the Extreme Poverty, Much of the Time People Try To Exploit Us (Our Unification Church Missionary in Africa - March 1976 pdf)

I found a new friend, to celebrate his dedication to God I cooked a pancake dinner (Our Unification Church Missionary in Northwest Africa - March 1976 pdf)

Here the Foreign Population Outnumbers the Citizens (From one of our Unification Church Missionaries in the Middle East - March 1976 pdf)

I, who have set sail to unknown lands, am plodding through a Spiritual Stone Age (One of our Unification Church Missionaries - March 1976 pdf)

The Jordanian Legal System Comes from the Way a Family Works (Our UC Missionary in the Kingdom of Jordan - March 1976 pdf)

A Victory of Resurrection (Vicki Tatz - April 1976 pdf)

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