The Words of the Rengnez Family

3 Generation World Speaking Tour France

Ocean Rengnez
October 8, 2006

I was so surprised when I got to know that there will be such a tour but this time with the Great True Children and about the Blessing in the end of August. I, with another sister, had the responsibility to get a present for Miss Yoshida, who got blessed to Hyun Jin Nim`s son and who will speak on the CARP event. I was so happy and excited about it but it was a bit stressful to find the perfect present.

Then I was asked to go, with another sister, to the Airport and bring Hyun Jin Nim's flowers (which were really nice).

I was really excited that I could have a chance to come closer to him and maybe even try to talk to him. That morning was quite stressful, I didn't want to be late and/or miss the train for anything. We arrived quite early. I was so excited at the thought I would meet Him. But of course we were not the only ones to welcome them (Hyun Jin Nim and all the ones who would do the tour too). I was physically not so far from Him but I did not have the chance to talk to him and not even say "Hi" or "Welcome to EUROPE"! I was already lucky to be able to hold his flowers (smile)!

But still I am really grateful I could come that close to Him.

Then the event for the CARPies was really interesting. This time I got the chance to talk a bit to Miss. Yoshida, I felt really happy. I felt even more happy when I got the chance to see how simple and humble she is. I am sure it must not have being easy for her to stand in front of people and read a really important speech.

At the beginning I did not have a responsibility on that Day. But I got asked to be an usher. I accepted without knowing what it would really be. It was quite difficult somehow but I tried to take it as a condition or offering something that could be used by God to make it a victorious day. I knew that since I am at the point where it is difficult then this Tour means really something important.

I got to hear the speech 3 times in less than 16 hours and I was really able to be focused on it and not get spaced out. I really tried to understand what each part meant and how I can try to use it in my life. I really loved this speech and even for the 3rd time, I did not get enough of it.

But my best time was at HDH, because it was more like a family gathering, due to less people. Hyun Jin Nim made us hear the speech again. Then he asked the Choir (who sang the day before) to sing again. He made them sing again and again. He was really happy.

Then he himself sang a song for us. It was really nice to get a song from him. I think He had a good time and for sure the public too.

Before leaving he talked to us. I was so happy to get something directly from him. I really listened to it really carefully and try to grab everything he was saying. I felt how much he really wants us to understand and how much he cares for all of us.

I was really wondering about the meaning of this tour. And I am sure that I am not the only one. Not that I was against it, no way, but I really tried to think about its meaning. And my dad gave me some kind of answer with his view of seeing it. Maybe it can help some to see a point at it. He told me that since Cheon Il Guk is getting settled, this tour is a condition: God can settle in the world. Through it, God starts to be more apart of the world. He starts putting Himself in the world and He has the right for it. What would CIG mean without God coming substantially and start to spread more of Himself. And I think these Tours are like the starting point of what will happen on the world level. Like the beginning of the substantial CIG.

I hope you could experience a bit of what I could experience on that first day of the Europe Tour on the 6th of September in Vienna. 

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